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Artisan Bistro Home Direct

Artisan Bistro Home Direct is a new healthy and delicious prepared meal program that makes it easy for you to eat healthy.

We all know that the best option for eating healthy is going to the grocery store or farmer's market and cooking up fresh organic veggies with a healthy protein. But, we also know that not all of us can do this because of time, interest or ability.

The team at Artisan Bistro Home Direct has given us a great solution. Their chefs have created a diverse menu of bistro style, delicious recipes using classic and exotic herbs and spices and have combined them with organic veggies and healthy proteins like wild caught salmon, free range chicken and all natural turkey. All of their meals are high protein, low carb, soy, dairy and gluten free and, most importantly, they taste fantastic. In fact, Artisan Bistro will refund your money if you are not totally satisfied.

Why we love these so much:

All Natural Ingredients: Their meals are made with all natural and organic ingredients and contain free range chicken, wild caught salmon and all natural turkey.

Guaranteed Delicious: There is no risk because they will refund your money if you do not like their meals. I have tried them and they taste great!

Easy: The meals are delivered to your door, and are packed in dry ice so you don't have to be home to accept delivery.

Affordable: The meals cost $7.46 to $8.25 depending upon the quantity you order

Ordering: You cannot buy these meals in the store. You order over the web at



Phone: 301-231-0026
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