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Cellulite is a combination of fat, water and trapped wastes beneath the skin. When circulation and elimination processes become impaired, connective tissue loses its strength. Unmetabolized fats and wastes become trapped within the net-like cell structure just below the skin, instead of being expelled through by normal means. Cellulite becomes obvious as deeper layers of fat push outwards on the skin. Over time, the waste materials harden and form the "orange peel" skin we know as cellulite.


Common Symptoms

Lumpy, rippled skin around thighs, hips and love handles; trapped waste and fluid in pockets beneath the skin. When regular fat is squeezed, the skin appears smooth - cellulitic skin will ripple like an orange peel, or have the texture of cottage cheese; tightness, heaviness in the legs; soreness and tenderness when tissue is massaged.


Common Causes

Sometimes a family trait, more often the result of insufficient digestion and poor nutrition resulting in liver exhaustion and reduced fat metabolism. Inadequate exercise; poor elimination and sluggish circulation; insufficient water intake, imbalanced estrogen activity, crash dieting with rapid regain of weight. Smoking impedes both circulation and metabolism. Increased exposure to sun, as UV rays contribute to cellulite.


Natural Treatments

An effective program for cellulite release should include the following parts: stimulate elimination functions, increase circulation and metabolism, control excess fluid and waste retention, and re-establish connective tissue elasticity. Treatment (online or in person) will also include promoting digestive function, supporting liver health and optimizing hydration. Blood sugar balance helps maintain healthy insulin release, affecting fat deposition and cellulite. Exercise and physical activity help with circulation and the loss of fat found between the muscles, a common culprit of cellulite buildup. Removing toxins through deep tissue massage may also improve circulation and elimination mechanisms.



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