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Eczema is an intense, itchy, inflammatory skin disease found on the tender areas of elbows, knees, wrists and neck. Afflicted individuals have difficulty converting essential fatty acids. It is most common in infants and children. Psoriasis is a common adult skin disorder, marked by plaques and silvery scales on the skin, caused by a too-rapid replication and pile up of skin cells. It usually affects the scalp, and the outsides of the elbows, wrists, knees, etc. Drugs can produce dramatic short-term results, but the problem reappears after they are discontinued.


Common Symptoms

Chronic silvery red, scaly, skin rash or patches on knees, elbows, buttocks, scalp or chest that flare up irregularly; skin is continually dry and thickened even when not in the weeping, blistered stages; "oil drop" stippling of the nails; sometimes accompanying arthritis. Great susceptibility to staph infections and herpes outbreaks.


Common Causes

Overuse of drugs/antibiotics; chronic stress or depression; eczema is associated with diabetes, asthma, hormonal imbalance, candida yeast; psoriasis with arthritis; hypothyroidism; essential fatty acid deficiency; liver malfunction; thin bowel walls allowing toxin elimination through the skin i.e. "leaky gut syndrome"; excess fatty foods in the diet and poor protein digestion; food allergies; smoking.


Natural Treatment

Natural therapies have had notable success in the treatment of both eczema and psoriasis because they get to the root of the problem. Natural methods take several months to produce consistent improvement, but they offer lasting results. Recommended protocol includes one or more of the following: Food allergy testing, liver cleansing, and/or blood sugar balance. Optimize digestion through personalized nutrition assessment (online or in person) and individualized supplemental therapy to ensure essential fatty acid replenishment.



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