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Sports Performance


EB Nutrition specializes in nutrition for sports performance, helping both the elite level athlete and the novice exerciser. Nutrition is the missing link for both subsets of athletes. Different sports require a unique balance of nutrients, vitamins, and fluids. The lean runner has very different nutrient requirements when compared to the muscular football player. Eating a balanced, sport-specific diet can make the difference between beating the opponent, making the varsity team, or breaking a personal record. Nutrition is the competitive edge you have been looking for!


Macronutrients and Sports

Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred source of energy. All sources of carbs are converted to glucose to be used by cells to make ATP. During athletic performance, the body will often rely on stored carbohydrates, or glycogen, in muscle and liver cells. Without adequate fueling and an ideal mix of quick and complex carbohydrates, athletic performance suffers. Endurance and speed are quickly handicapped. Additionally, hydration and dehydration are closely related to carbohydrate intake since carbs attract fluids. Vitamins and minerals are also required to convert food into energy. If the diet is lacking in nutrients, the body soon becomes depleted, affecting performance.

Proteins - Athletes, even endurance athletes, require more protein than the average person to repair muscle damage and to catalyze reactions in the body. Amino acids, which make up proteins, can also be used for energy. Learn about "protein sparing" and protein optimization through nutrition counseling.

Fats - Not all fats are created equally. Your individual meal plan will differentiate between healthy fats and performance-hurting, high-stress fats. Certain fats, especially combined with optimal nutrients and antioxidants, can help with recovery and promote anti-inflammation. Also, improve concentration and decision making skills while eating appropriate quantities of quality fats.


Benefits of Nutrition for Sports Performance

Optimum energy and performance are closely related to food intake. After a Nutrition Evaluation and Consultation (online or in person) with an EB Dietitian, you will have:

  • Faster recovery time in between competition
  • Fewer injuries and faster recovery from injury
  • Increased concentration
  • Maximum energy
  • Consistent weight, weight loss, and ideal body composition
  • Consistent performance
  • A longer career
  • Management of disordered eating and a better body image


Sports Nutrition Counseling

  • Body composition screening
  • Food and fluids recall analysis
  • Calorie needs and sport and goal-specific macronutrient requirements
  • Fluid intake assessment including water, sports drinks, and electrolytes
  • Pre- and post-workout nutrition guidelines and meal ideas
  • Recipe adaptation
  • Recommendations and assessment of supplement intake

Gain the competitive edge through Nutrition Counseling - work with the Dietitians and Personal Trainers at EB Nutrition to understand how nutrition can impact your sports performance.


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