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Male Health


Men face unique health and wellness issues, which is why EB Nutrition focuses on men's health goals separately from women's health needs. Nutrition plays a large role in many health issues facing men today - prostate health, sexual health, heart health, memory, muscle strength, and weight control, among others.

Excess body fat, especially around the waist where vital organs are located, is a risk factor for prostate problems and cancer, cardiovascular function, and metabolic syndrome. Body fat functions as an organ by secreting hormones and proteins that cause an increase in inflammation and oxidation in the cells of your body. These processes contribute to the development of prostate cancer. An anti-inflammatory diet prescribed by the EB Nutrition Dietitians can reduce inflammation, repair oxidized cells, and protect organs against damage.

Heart disease, another disease marked by increased inflammation, is the number one killer among men. Inflammation markers are measure through C-reactive protein and homocysteine levels. These markers can be managed and reversed through diet and therapeutic supplementation. As blood vessels age and become thinner, risk for hypertension increases. Plaque builds up from years of eating processed, fatty foods and makes the heart work double time. Natural therapies for heart disease management and prevention are more effective treatments and do not carry many of the drawbacks of prescription medications.

Metabolic syndrome develops as the body grows resistant to insulin. With excess carbohydrate and sugar intake, insulin receptors no longer respond causing elevated blood sugars. Sugar is the primary energy source for cancers. High insulin levels have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and prostate cancer growth.

Diabetes influences impotence and sexual dysfunction. Our nutrition plans help restore sexual function by restoring proper hormonal balance. If you have been experiencing a loss of sense of well-being, alteration in behavior patterns, irritability or nervousness, difficulty concentrating, or poor sleep or insomnia, turn to the Dietitians at EB Nutrition to help restore your vigor.

Aging is marked by approximately 2 to 3% loss of lean body mass per decade after the age of thirty. Loss of muscle equates to loss of strength and bone mass, changes in gate and balance, loss of physical function, and increased risk for chronic disease. Since muscle mass is the most metabolically active tissue, metabolism slowly trends downwards with the loss of lean body mass. For most men, this leads to weight gain - but not EB Nutrition men! The Holistic Dietitians look at men's health from a multidisciplinary approach by focusing on nutrition issues, lifestyle changes, and physical activity and exercise to reach weight loss and muscle gains.


Natural Treatment

Testosterone production peaks around puberty, and decreases with age. Along with a decline of testosterone, aging men often experience an increase in luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. Male Hormone Testing can help to determine levels of these hormones. At EB Nutrition, these test results are used to customize a nutrition plan (online or in person) and lifestyle road map to help you achieve optimal nutrition. Supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and herbs can assist in helping to achieve this goal. EB Nutrition Dietitians are skilled at developing proper supplement blends for prostate, cardiovascular, bone, muscle, and memory function.

Exercise is one of the best treatments for cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, and prostate health. It also has been proven to increase energy and brain function, including memory and concentration. Exercise acts as an antioxidant, preparing the body to handle stress. It also allows muscle cells to react toward insulin, lowering blood sugar levels and restoring insulin sensitivity. Since the heart is a muscle, cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen it. Muscle and bone loss can be slowed and prevented through regular, specific exercise techniques. Consult the EB Nutrition Personal Trainers to maximize the efficiency of your workout and focus on your specific needs and goals.



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