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Female Health

EB Nutrition often sees women struggle with health issues and disease due to lack of personalized care. Each woman has a unique biochemistry, medical/family history, and lifestyle which makes her nutrition, medical, and supplement needs very specific. The Dietitians at EB Nutrition specialize in taking a comprehensive approach toward each patient to develop a plan that will accomplish their individual health goals.

Premenstrual syndrome affects most women on a monthly basis. The symptoms that encompass PMS are a result of hormonal changes, which can be controlled in part by nutrition and supplement intake as well as simple lifestyle adjustments. If you would like to manage your monthly cycle, consider Female Hormone Testing and a personalized hormone balancing nutrition plan online or in person from the EB Dietitians. EB Nutrition also has experience working with Amenorrhea (loss of menstruation), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PMDD, Endometrosis and other conditions involving irregular menstruation.

Unlike other testing methods, the Female Hormone Testing is beneficial for pinpointing hormonal changes on a day to day basis. This helps establish specific areas for change. Sometimes the signs and symptoms, as well as hormone testing, indicate estrogen dominance, and a nutrition plan will work at reestablishing proper hormone levels.

Nutritional needs change within the life cycle, especially for women once they have reached menopause. As estrogen levels decrease, focus turns towards bone health, cardiovascular health, and weight management, as well as stress reduction and sleep support. EB Nutrition can help you manage and prevent menopausal symptoms through nutrition and supplement therapy.

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