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Corporate Wellness

Invest in the Health of Your Business

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Through our Corporate Wellness program, EB Nutrition will work with your small businesses or corporation to make sure health and vitality are part of the culture.

The wellness coaches of EB Nutrition can work one-on-one, or with groups to set goals, provide feedback, and give your employees the information and support they need to live and work in optimal health.

EB Nutrition Corporate Wellness Programs include:

  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Weight Loss Coaching Classes
  • Group & Individual Nutritional Prescriptions
  • Staff Wellness Evaluations
  • Stress Management Counseling

EB Nutrition provides numerous education seminars to businesses, social, and educational groups throughout the area. Popular topics include "Nutrition and Stress," "Finding the Diet that Fits," and "You Are What You Eat."

For more information on obtaining these services, call 301-231-0026 or email eatright@ebnutrition.com.

Phone: 301-231-0026
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