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Online Food Shopping

Breads from Anna - Home made tasting, allergen-free and yeast free varieties of bread, muffins, pie crust, pancakes, and more. Order online (http://www.breadsfromanna.com/), check for local sales (http://www.breadsfromanna.com/locator#maryland) or ask your local Whole Foods to stock it.

You Bar - Sick of heavily processed protein bars? Do you have lots of allergies making bar shopping difficult? Make your own at http://www.youbars.com/! Blend your own trail mix and protein powder; name your own bar recipe, or choose from popular varieties.

Glutino - A ton of gluten-free products from pretzels to bread, cookies, and frozen meals. Lots of products to choose from (http://www.glutino.com/), but make sure to consider the fiber, whole grain, and overall nutritional quality of the specific product.

Food for Life - Offers low glycemic sprouted Ezekial bread and gluten/wheat-free varieties like Almond Rice and Millet. Also look for whole grain cereals and tortillas to maximize nutrient and fiber intake. The brown rice tortillas are great and versatile and the gluten-free bread has the best consistency that you will find. Look in the freezer section of your local grocery store or order online at http://www.foodforlife.com/.

Gluten Free Oats - Although oats have almost no gluten and are tolerated by most Celiacs, most oats are grown alongside gluten-containing grains and are thus contaminated. Look for gluten free varieties at http://www.glutenfreeoats.com/.

Foods by George - "Home of the Fluffy Muffin," gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free and soy-free products, if you have any allergies, you will find sanctuary here. On a gluten free diet, did you expect to be able to enjoy [No-Rye] Rye English muffins? Find them at http://www.foodsbygeorge.com/products.html or your local natural foods store.

Ener- G - Croutons, bread crumbs, and flours, oh my! Better yet, they are gluten-free (and sometimes dairy-free, egg-free, etc.) Ener-G makes an egg replacer for baking as well. Look for the Hi-Fiber GF bread - the fiber and gluten-free combo is hard to come by! More info at http://www.ener-g.com/.

French Meadow - Yeast-free, salt-free, and multigrain, gluten-free varieties of bread and other baked goods, containing spelt. The website (http://www.frenchmeadow.com/) is easy to navigate, and you will find everything you need when searching for special or allergen-free products.

Bob's Red Mill - Hot cereals, cornbread mix, pancakes, and pizza crust - and many of them are gluten-free! Usually available at regular and natural foods grocery stores. Gluten-free website coming soon! Just voted "World's Best Steel-Cut Oats" - read more at http://www.bobsredmill.com/.

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